Protection for trees in popular woodland

Milngavie Mains Estate.
Milngavie Mains Estate.

Popular woodlands in Milngavie have been given extra protection after concerns were raised by Mains Estate Residents Association.

A Tree Preservation Order (TPO) has been granted by East Dunbartonshire Councilfor the trees to the north and south of Douglas Muir Road, Mains Estate, Milngavie in a bid to make sure they remain a community asset for generations to come.

It means the woodlands - which are popular with local residents - are now officially protected from unauthorised felling.

The Planning Board met on Tuesday, June 23 and agreed to confirm the TPO.

An emergency TPO was served on April 22 this year as there were concerns the trees - which are jointly owned by local residents - may potentially be under threat from felling

Councillor Billy Hendry, Chair of Planning Board, said: “The woodlands have significant amenity value as part of the local community - acting as both a landscape feature and also as a popular place for walkers as a path passesthrough them.

“The woodlands have important bio-diversity value and the trees themselves are of high arboricultural value as they include a rich variety ofbroadleaf species with many excellent mature specimens.

“The board agreed that the TPO be confirmed for the woodlands and I am delighted the trees will now be afforded ongoing protection - helping to ensure they remain a community asset for generations to come.”

Chairperson of Mains Estate Residents Association, Rona Hooper, said: “Residents grew concerned when they saw red dots on some of the trees.

“People were worried that they had been marked to be cut down to sell for logs.

“We’d like to thank the tree officer who carried out a lot of investigation and worked hard to find a solution.”

The woodlands are part of the landscape of Mains Estate - which is made up of tree belts to the north and west of the residential area, including Craigton Woods.

The woods in question were potentially vulnerable as tree belts to the north and south - to which they connect - were already covered by existing TPOs.

Any future proposals for works involving trees in the area will require an application to East Dunbartonshire Council.

Woodland management is the responsibility of the owners of the woodlands and their factor. For more information on tree protection visit