Praise for relationship charity

MSP Fiona McLeod at relationship summit
MSP Fiona McLeod at relationship summit

Bearsden MSP Fiona McLeod attended a recent summit at the Scottish Parliament which celebrated the importance of everyday relationships.

The SNP politician praised the host of the event - counselling and mediation charity Relationship Scotland - which helps people when they are experiencing relationship problems.

There were a range of speakers who provide specialist relationship support across Scotland, including input from Prostate Cancer UK, Dads Rock and academics. The event was sponsored by Fiona’s new boss, MSP Christina McKelvie, Cabinet Secretary for education and lifelong learning.

Aileen Campbell MSP, Minister for children and young people delivered the keynote speech on the day.

Fiona McLeod, said: “I was delighted to be there to recognise the importance of our everyday relationships.

“The Scottish Government is pleased to support Relationships Scotland with the aim of ensuring Scottish children and families get the right support at the right time in their lives through counselling, family mediation and child contact centres.

“In my constituency work it is reassuring to know that there is somewhere I can refer any person or family struggling to find happiness and balance in their relationships.”

Around 20,000 people use Relationship Scotland’s services each year.

The charity believes that behaviour that seeks to secure power and control, or instil fear for one person over another through violence, coercion, control and inequality is unacceptable.

John Dougan, service and development manager at Relationships Scotland Dumfries and Galloway said: “Without the commitment to championing professional relationship and support shown by MSPs many frontline counselling, family mediation and child contact centre services simply would not exist.

“Their strong voice has been vital in ensuring that our local services meet the needs of children and families wherever they live in Scotland.”

The relationships summit is the first of a series of future events planned. For more information go to