Tories announce candidate for East Dunbartonshire

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The Scottish Conservatives have announced their candidate for the UK general election in East Dunbartonshire on December 12.

Pam Gosal will contest the local seat.

Pam said: “I am the only candidate on the ballot paper that will respect both referendum results. Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP just aren’t listening.

“People are sick at the thought of another independence vote. In 2014 we said NO and we meant it!”

She added “Voters in East Dunbartonshire are also telling me that Jo Swinson does not respect the result of the Brexit referendum either. Her policy to revoke the result is a threat to our democracy and people simply just want Brexit done!”

She added: “The clearest choice in this constituency against these two anti-democratic leaders is Pam Gosal and the Scottish Conservatives.”

Pam Gosal, who was born and brought up in Glasgow, is a business woman.

Local Conservatives said she lives in Milngavie with her husband.

The Scottish Conservatives said she has worked all over the UK in the public sector and specialises in many areas including attracting inward 
investment to create jobs.

She is a former head of economy and culture at 
Milton Keynes Council.