SNP tops local EU election poll

The European Union flag outside Holyrood
The European Union flag outside Holyrood

The SNP has topped the poll 
in East Dunbartonshire in 
the European Parliament 

The party secured 13,414 votes, with a 34 per cent share of the vote.

In Liberal Democrat 
Deputy Leader Jo Swinson’s UK parliamentary constituency, the Lib Dems came in second place – almost 3,800 votes behind – polling 9,615 (24.7 per cent).

The controversial Brexit Party was third with 4,787 (12.3 per cent). The Conservatives took 3,925 votes and the Greens, 3,112.

Bearsden SNP MSP Rona Mackay said: “Excellent news! Well done to everyone who delivered leaflets, knocked doors, canvassed and manned polling stations.

“The people of East Dunbartonshire have once again put their faith in the SNP 
giving us a 3,799 majority over the Scottish Lib Dems.

“Local MP Jo Swinson was nowhere to been seen on polling day. East Dunbartonshire deserves better than an absent MP or a Westminster system that isn’t working – it’s no wonder more and more people believe Scotland’s future should be as an independent country within the EU.”

Milngavie MSP Gil Paterson added: “The SNP received 34.5 per cent of the vote, well ahead of nearest rival, the LibDems, who got 24.8 per cent.”

But East Dunbartonshire MP Jo Swinson responded: “We are the only pro-UK, pro-EU party that has been consistently building momentum with our unashamed message of stopping Brexit. In East Dunbartonshire, where we increased our vote 10.5 per cent, that message is clearly gaining ground, with support for the Liberal Democrats growing solidly across the entire country.”

Liberal Democrat Joint Leader of East Dunbartonshire Council, Councillor Vaughan Moody, added: “This is another stunning result for the Liberal Democrats. East Dunbartonshire is one of the most pro-Remain areas in Scotland.”

Of the eligible electorate of 82,699 in ED, a total number of 38,959 votes were cast in the European Parliament election, which gives a percentage poll of 47.1 per cent.

The SNP increased its MEPs from two to three amid a collapse in support for Scottish Labour. The Brexit Party had second most votes and have one MEP, as do the Lib Dems and Tories.