SNP demand retraction from Jo Swinson over “fake figures and patronising claims” about education in Govan

Local SNP MSP Gil Paterson
Local SNP MSP Gil Paterson

The SNP has called on Lib Dem deputy leader Jo Swinson to issue a full retraction for “fake figures and patronising” claims about children in Glasgow.

On last night’s (Thursday) BBC Question Time, the East Dunbartonshire MP claimed that only 4% of children in Glasgow Govan go to university.

According to the SNP, at the last count in 2016/17, 23.68% of children at Govan High School went on to higher education and 94% went on to positive destinations including higher education, further education and employment.

Local SNP MSP, Gil Paterson said: “Ever since I was a boy growing up in Glasgow there have been challenging areas where some children grow up the hard way. Of course we can never be complacent, but that 23.68% of Govan High School pupils are now going on to higher education is testament to the SNP Government’s measures to tackle the gap in educational attainment.”

SNP MP for Glasgow South West, Chris Stephens, called on Jo Swinson to issue an immediate retraction for the false claims and to apologise for her appalling record in government with the Tories.

Chris Stephens MP said: “Jo Swinson must issue a full retraction for using fake figures to make false and patronising claims about children in Glasgow.

“It’s no wonder that the Liberal Democrats have such a bad reputation for misleading people, when their deputy leader is willing to make bogus claims on national television to deflect from her own appalling record propping up the Tories in government.

“Instead of doing down the achievements of Glasgow families, Jo Swinson should be apologising for her shameful record with the Tories hiking university tuition fees to £9,000 a year, scrapping the Education Maintenance Allowance, imposing the Bedroom Tax, and making deep cuts to social security support for low income families.

“People in Scotland will never forgive the Liberal Democrats for the damage they did getting into bed with the Tories to advance their own Ministerial careers and pay packets.

“Improving attainment is a priority for the SNP government, which has abolished tuition fees, protected the Education Maintenance Allowance, and invested hundreds of millions in tackling the attainment gap and widening access to education. That’s why people are putting their trust in the SNP to take Scotland forward.”

The Herald is awaiting a response from Jo Swinson’s office.