Police warning after resident conned by telephone fraudster

Police warning
Police warning

Police have urged people to be on their guard when answering the phone - after a resident narrowly missed out on losing hundreds of pounds.

The attempted fraud happened at around 7.30am on Tuesday, February 9, at a home in Penzance Way, Chryston.

A 68-year-old man was called by a person pretending to be from Microsoft.

The man stated the victim’s laptop had been hacked and that he required credit card details to repair the computer.

The victim gave the fraudster remote access to his laptop and then observed a transaction for £481 was taking place via Western Union.

Luckily the target immediately contacted Western Union to stop the transaction and ended the call, before contacting the police.

A police spokesperson said: “We would like this highlighted as this scam was really successful in the area last year.

“We would urge the public not to give anyone remote access to their computer and only use reputable computer repair services to carry out repairs if they have an IT issue.

“We would also urge the public never to give out any of their bank details to anyone over the telephone unless they have carried out the relevant checks.

“If anyone has been the victim of this scam we would urge them to get in touch by calling 101.

“They also need to notify their bank and change all relevant password to all accounts they access via their computer as the hackers will download all their details once they are given access.”