Police warn of dangers of e-scooters after boy (13) in serious late-night road accident at Milngavie

Police are warning of the dangers of electric scooters after a boy (13) was injured in a serious late-night road accident in Milngavie.

Thursday, 8th April 2021, 10:37 am
Updated Thursday, 8th April 2021, 11:40 am
Warning on the dangers of riding e-scooters
Warning on the dangers of riding e-scooters

The Herald reported recently how the teenager had to be taken to hospital after he came off his e-scooter on the pavement at Craigdhu Road near its junction with North Campbell Avenue and landed on the road.

A Volkswagen Golf was then in collision with the scooter. The accident happened around 10pm on Wednesday, March 31.

The youngster, who was taken to the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow, was lucky to escape serious injury and was later released.

As a result of the accident, a full investigation was carried out by the Roads Policing Crash team and the road remained closed for five hours.

Inspector Alan Ferris of East Dunbartonshire Police said: "It is illegal to ride E-Scooters in any public place. This includes roads, pavements and parks.

"Our school campus officers are reporting that many young people own these scooters. It should be noted that some are powerful and require skill and attention to ride.

"Further, these should not be used unless on private land, with the owner’s permission and under close supervision.

"The latest incident occurring in Milngavie is a reminder of the real and obvious danger associated with young children using these scooters and persons found using these may well face charges and have the e-scooter seized.”

Inspector Ferris said he and Sergeant Roy McCarney of Greater Glasgow Road Policing want to raise awareness regarding the dangers of e-scooters.

Sergant McCarney added: "I am concerned at the increase in the use of e-scooters, particularly used by children, within our communities, aside from the legality of their use on the roads.

"Thankfully the young boy from East Dunbartonshire did not suffer serious injuries but is now very much aware of the dangers of using his e-scooter on the road.

"I am most worried about the safety of our children on these vehicles. Many children aren't as aware of the dangers, such as being able to judge the speed of an approaching motorist or the distance it is away from them.”