Police slam parents after drunken teenage party in Killearn

THE police slammed parents for being ‘niave’ after they had to ‘babysit’ over 100 teenagers who met in Killearn for a drunken party.

Children aged 13 to 14 from nearby Stirlingshire villages met up in the posh village on Saturday, October 13 after telling parents they were going for a sleepovers with pals.

Officers confiscated over 30 litres of alcohol during the evening, which they suspect had been organised through Facebook. Community police oficer in Balfron, PC David McNally said: “It is the oldest trick in the book for teenagers to tell their parents they are having a sleepover at a friend’s house and to thereafter spend the night wandering the streets.

“Unfortunately their parents had neglected to verify these plans with their friend’s parents and naively believed their children were telling them the truth.

“If your child does plan a sleepover at a friend’s house, the first responsibility parents must fulfill is to actually check with the friends parent that their child will be spending the night at their friends house.

“As a parent could you forgive yourself if your child came to harm after you failed to check exactly what they were up to?

“The consequences of this misplaced trust resulted in six Balfron police officers having to spend five hours on a Saturday night babysitting drunk and emotionally immature teenagers.”