Police crackdown on dangerous parkers

Maxwell Avenue, Bearsden.
Maxwell Avenue, Bearsden.

Police have pledged to clamp down on inconsiderate motorists who are causing a hazard by parking unlawfully on a residential street.

Vehicles are regularly left parked on Maxwell Avenue, in Bearsden, despite road markings which indicate that to do so is illegal.

Constable Stuart Cairns, from Kirkintilloch police office, said: “Officers have been patrolling the area during the last few months to try to educate people on the legislation which prohibits them from parking there.

“This issue continues to cause concern to residents of the area.

“Drivers are being forced to go around the parked cars which is very dangerous because they are on the wrong side of the road on a bend with a limited view of the road ahead.

“Also, cars coming onto Maxwell Avenue from the junctions at Crarae Avenue, Murrayfield Drive and from the entrance at Westerton Care Home have their view restricted because of the parked cars, which causes a danger.

“Pedestrians are also being put at risk because motorists don’t see them when they cross the road.

“We’d urge drivers to be considerate to other road users and park their vehicle in a suitable place.”

It is an offence to park on a road which is marked in the middle with double white lines or a solid and broken white line - used to indicate hazards such as restricted visibility.

Offenders could face a £100 penalty fine and three points on their licence. Their car may even be towed away if it’s considered to be causing an obstruction, leading to further costs.

Constable Cairns added: “I’d strongly encourage people to take heed of this and park in an appropriate place. We will continue to monitor this and take action where required.”

To report cars parked badly call Police Scotland on 101.