Ploughs to keep stations snow-free

RAILWAY staff at Milngavie and Bearsden have been given hand-held snowploughs in a bid to keep the train stations free from snow and ice this winter.

Train operator ScotRail has launched pre-emptive plans in the hopes of reducing service disruption during the cold snap.

In addition to the ploughs, staff have been handed specialised snow shovels which will be used to spread grit and shift greater volumes of snow.

All shovels have been redesigned to cope with inclement conditions, having been fitted with a metal-edge scoop to tackle the very worst of snowfalls.

The tools are part of ScotRail’s £2million investment aimed at keeping more trains running, improving the flow of ‘live’ travel information, and enhancing station access.

Hugh McGinley, station team manager, insists the lightweight, wheeled snowploughs will make it easier for his staff to clear platforms and walkways.

Mr McGinley said: “If the weather is as extreme as last year, we know there will be some disruption to train services.

“However, we are constantly striving to improve for our staff and our customers.

“The purpose-built equipment, such as the hand-held snowploughs, will mean that our staff at Milngavie and Bearsden are better equipped if faced with similar, prolonged extreme conditions this year.”

Both Milngavie and Bearsden are among 138 staffed ScotRail stations across Scotland receiving the improved equipment.

And as an added precaution, ScotRail has also planned for overnight CCTV monitoring so that staff can prioritise the stations which are worst affected by winter weather.