Plea to stop feeding the birds falls on deaf ears

Bird nuisance
Bird nuisance

Residents in Milngavie are so fed up of their neighbours feeding the birds in the communal garden that they are considering moving house.

They claim that their neighbours throw bread out up to three times a day which attracts flocks of birds including seagulls.

One resident, who asked not to be named, asked them to stop doing this but he says they have refused.

Residents reported them to the council and police and as a result claim they have been hostile towards them ever since. One man says he hasn’t sat in his back garden for two years as a result.

He said: “It’s unhygienic to have so many birds swooping in a small area. They leave droppings and if they don’t eat the bread it rots and could encourage other vermin to the garden.

“The birds are also very noisy and there’s been a problem with seagulls attacking people so we shouldn’t be encouraging them.

“Myself and another neighbour are now planning to move house because of their behaviour.”

East Dunbartonshire community protection manager, Evonne Bauer, told the Herald: “East Dunbartonshire Council environmental health officers have visited the complainant and spoke to his neighbours regarding his concerns.

“During the visit there was no evidence of excessive bird feeding or accumulations of food waste that would lead to a public health concern in the area.

“Environmental health officers will periodically visit the garden areas over the coming weeks and if a matter of public health significance is noted we will take appropriate action at that time.”

A police spokesperson, said: “There is no offence committed, or legislation that can be enforced, in this circumstance for bird feeding.”