Plea to drivers to cut speed through Bardowie

Crash in Bardowie
Crash in Bardowie

Bardowie residents are urging people to drive carefully through their village after a serious car crash at the weekend.

A Toyota Aygo smashed into the back of a Mercedes SUV on Sunday evening on Balmore Road at the junction with Station Road.

Crash in Bardowie

Crash in Bardowie

It’s believed that the Mercedes was giving way to a car coming out of Craigmaddie Road.

The couple in the Toyota were taken away in an ambulance, they did not appear to be badly hurt but they were very shaken and their car was very badly damaged and all the air bags had inflated upon impact.

Concerned resident, Keith McBain said: “The Milngavie and Bearsden Herald kindly ran an article last year highlighting the concern of residents about speeding in Bardowie.

“Unfortunately there continues to be crashes, including this one today.

“The 30 mph speed limit is completely ignored by certain drivers who speed through and treat the road like a ‘race track’.

“Either they don’t realise or they don’t care that there can be pedestrians, including young children, literally just a few feet from their vehicles, on the pavements, at bus stops or in driveways.

“We are all very worried that a serious accident could happen at any time on this road.

“The people involved in this latest accident were very lucky to escape uninjured.”

The community would like a permanent speed camera to be installed on the road as they think this is the only practical way of ensuring the legal speed limit is observed by everyone.