Plea for young people to get referendum vote

ross greer votes at 16
ross greer votes at 16

YOUNG people MUST be allowed to vote in Scotland’s independence referendum - according to the Scottish Youth Parliament member for Milngavie

Bearsden Academy pupil Ross Greer is urging teenagers to get involved in the consultation on the crucial poll, which could be held in 2014.

He is particularly keen for 16 to 17 year-olds to be allowed to vote in the referendum, which is in line with the SNP government’s plans.

The Scottish Government launched its consultation last week under the SNP’s plans, but Prime Minister David Cameron is opposed to giving under 18s a say and is calling on Scotland to reject independence.

Ross Greer said: “This will be the single most important decision that the people of Scotland will ever make and it is vital that every group in society is engaged in this process.

“I have been very happy with the support from both the SNP and Scottish Green Party on the issue of lowering the voting age for the referendum though other parties have been less true to their beliefs on this, which is disappointing.

“Opening the referendum up to a whole new generation would not only give them the democratic right to decide their future but it would also engage young people in politics far more enthusiastically than any election ever could.

“I am asking youth groups, voluntary organisations and young people themselves to respond to the consultation and support the right to vote for 16 and 17 year olds for this historic referendum.”