Plea for A-boards back

milngavie Precinct'Photo by Emma Mitchell'7/6/13
milngavie Precinct'Photo by Emma Mitchell'7/6/13

Traders in Milngavie are calling on the council to lift a ban on A-boards so they can

use them to advertise their businesses.

East Dunbartonshire Council adopted a zero tolerance approach to fly-posting, sandwich boards and other unauthorised advertisements in August 2011, as they felt they were a hazard for pedestrians and motorists.

Rona Miller, owner of Art Forum on Station Road, Milngavie, said: “Milngavie is the only pedestrianised town centre in East Dunbartonshire, so it doesn’t make sense to make a blanket rule that applies across the whole area that doesn’t take this into consideration. There is more room in Milngavie for A-boards.

“The council say they pose a danger to people, especially the partially-sighted, who could trip over them, but I think traders should be allowed to put them in the middle of the precinct where they wouldn’t be an obstruction.

“Lots of shops have their produce or tables and chairs outside and no-one complains about that.

“It seems unfair that if it’s an advertising sign it’s banned.

“I’d like to know how many people have been maimed or injured by A-boards over the years. I doubt it’s many, if any.

“Without A-boards Milngavie looks empty and people might think the shops are shut.

“It’s getting harder and harder to make a living as a trader here. I wish the council wouldn’t make decisions without proper consultation.”

Valentine Jost, owner of Shoes for Lady and Junior in Stewart Street, said: “We should be allowed one A-board per business in a safe place which is not in the way.

“There should be a compromise about this - everyone needs to be sensible about it.

“I really need an A-board as my shop is not on the main street.”

However, not all traders agree.

Russell Birke, from The Framing Workshop, said: “I wouldn’t want them back, they clutter up the precinct.

“Some traders put out more than one and they were a hazard for visually impaired people.”

East Dunbartonshire Council’s director of neighbourhood services, Grace Irvine, said: “The policy was introduced to address the risks to pedestrians and motorists from the dangers posed by clutter on the streets and precincts. Any unauthorised A boards in Milngavie precinct will be removed.”