Plans for Lennox Park toilet block

Lennox toilets, Milngavie.
Lennox toilets, Milngavie.

A comprehensive plan needs to be adopted for the development of the Lennox Park area - according to Mingavie Community Council.

New chairperson Iain McAllister said a proposal by East Dunbartonshire Council to turn the dilapidated Lennox Park toilet block into a recording studio has prompted them to look at the wider picture.

Mr McAllister said the matter of the toilets will be discussed in greater detail at their December meeting, but initial discussions are to oppose the proposal.

He said: “It is the view of the community council that the 15 year lease of the toilet block as a music centre may generate unacceptable noise levels to adjacent neighbours.

“However, as the toilets are a ‘Common Good Asset ‘ for the benefit of the Milngavie community we would urge that EDC delay their decision until a comprehensive strategic plan, including pitch strategy, is prepared and published for Lennox Park.’

Thomas Glen, EDC’s director of development and regeneration said a music studio was a possibility but the conclusion of the lease was still dependant on two factors.

He said: “The council has submitted a petition to the Sheriff of Dumbarton requesting Common Good consent to lease the toilets.

“Secondly, the tenant will need to submit a planning application for a change of use.

“As part of the process, the planning department will consider the proposed use and may consult with the environmental health department over potential noise impact.”