Plans for defibrillator in Milngavie Precinct

Milngavie, Fraser Centre, Heartstart training.
Milngavie, Fraser Centre, Heartstart training.

Business owners in Milngavie hope to install a defibrillator in the town centre which can be used to save a person’s life if they have a heart attack.

Ian Lavrie, chair of Milngavie My Way BID, was shocked to discover recently that there isn’t currently a defibrillator in the town centre.

He’s already spoken to several traders who’d be interested in being trained to deliver CPR in an emergency and who’d like a defibrillator to be available to help members of the public if they suffer from a heart attack.

He said: “The BID is for the benefit of the greater community and we think if we are promoting it as a destination of choice we’ve got to make sure we do that properly and think of every possibility.

“Having a defibrillator here and being able to give CPR would reassure people who want to come and visit.

“We have many elderly people living in the area but heart attacks can happen to anyone at any age so this is for everyone not just older people.

“If it saves just one life it’s well worth it.”

The CPR training would be carried out as part of the British Heart Foundation’s Heartstart Initiative to establish a team of Milngavie Community First Responders.

To date 2.6 million people have been trained through Heartstart initiative in Britian.

Sandra Brown, Heartstart Instructor, Milngavie, said: “We all know of someone who has had a cardiac arrest and possibly, sadly, not survived.

“Outwith a hospital situation, the survival rate of cardiac arrest, in this country, is only four per cent to five per cent. Very low.

“In other countries where there are defibrillators and schoolchilden are trained to give CPR the survival rate is much higher from 58 to as high as 80 per cent in some countries.

“Heartstart trains people in simple practical skills which can raise this to as much as 70 per cent, buying time till professional help arrives. To be equipped with these skills can save a loved one.

“Having a defibrillator in Milngavie would be fantastic and it would definitley save lives as every minute counts when someone has a cardiac arrest.

“It could really make the difference between life and death.

“Many people don’t realise that unless CPR is given to someone within three minutes the brain begins to die.

“After six minutes with no oxygen the brain is so damaged that the chances of a normal recovery are slim.

“Time really is of the essence in this situation so if CPR and a defibrillator can be used straight away lives will be saved.

“They are very easy to use but people need to be trained in CPR as well as they need to do this after the shock has been administered to the heart.”