Petition launched to get build-outs removed from road

An online petition has been launched to remove build-outs from Rannoch Drive, Buchanan Drive and Kessington Road in Bearsden.

Many of the objectors are concerned about road safety, with many Kessington residents complaining the build-outs on Rannoch Drive near Cluny junction have been put on a hill at the blind summit and contravene the Highway Code.

In response East Dunbartonshire Council has added additional bollards with extra reflective strips to the build-outs.

Bearsden resident Irene Young said they felt it was important to let the council know the strength of feeling amongst people.

Since the council put in the traffic-calming measure two build-outs, one on lower Rannoch Drive and one at the top of Buchanan Drive, have been demolished and were left damaged and unrepaired for over six weeks.

Commenting Raymond MacDonald, from Bearsden, said: “The bollards are a road safety hazard and instead of traffic-calming they have been the cause of numerous accidents.

“Many drivers actually speed up and cross to the other side to avoid the bollards”