Petition for Bears Way Project to be completed

Milngavie Road new cycle lane.
Milngavie Road new cycle lane.

A local resident has collected 1,853 signatures for a petition to the council which asks them to complete the Bears Way cycle lane.

The petition, set up by Phil G, asks East Dunbartonshire Council to overturn the recent decision to suspend Phase 2 of the Bears Way project along the A81 Milngavie Road.

Councillors voted against the council’s proposed Phase 2 of the Bears Way project to install a segregated cycle path from Hillfoot to Kessington at a full council meeting on Thursday, September 29.

However Phil G wants the council to “implement all remaining phases, completing the cycleway into Glasgow. Additionally, address the current issues with Phase 1.”

He said: “Due to the council’s short-sighted decision, there is now legally a 6 month wait before the vote can be overturned - this petition calls for the reinstatement of phase 2 and the remaining phases as soon as it is legally possible.

“The BearsWay project is an important initiative for increasing sustainable transport. It has sadly been shouted down by a small but vocal minority who do not like the changes. They have been reiterating several pieces of misinformation, and it seems that the local councillors have been swayed by their rhetoric.

“Councillors said that a majority of residents are against the proposals.

“There is no evidence whatsoever for this. There was a petition against the BearsWay with 2,500 signatures, a number of whom are not local. There are 30,000 people local to the area, and 18,000 daily journeys on the road.

Change is never easy. It involves making some sacrifices. It means that a road might have to be a wee bit narrower. It means that occasionally you might have to wait behind a bus for 20 seconds.

“It means that occasionally at junctions, priorities might need to be adjusted. The odd parking space has to be lost!

“Freedom only comes when all those who wish to travel, by whatever means they wish, can do it in a way that is safe, comfortable and convenient.

“If councillors choose not to invest in active travel, the area will drown under the weight of the motor vehicle, something that even many of the opponents of the BearsWay agree is an issue. Be on the side of change. Be on the side of a brighter, healthier, less polluted, less congested East Dunbartonshire.”

Visit: if you would like to sign the petition.