Petition calls for build-outs u-turn

A petition against traffic calming measures on a busy Bearsden road is expected to attract hundreds of signatures.

Opposition to East Dunbartonshire Council’sbuild-out traffic islands on Rannoch Drive has been growing ever since they were put in place last July to slow traffic down.

But opponents say the traffic calming scheme has had the opposite effect, resulting in convoys of vehicles speeding on the wrong side of the road between the obstacles.

Campaigner Gerry McKendrick, of Cameron Drive, said: “We will be presenting a petition to the council, probably next week.

“We are not sure how many people will eventually sign it, because all the streets in the area have not yet been leafleted. However, we anticipate at least 300 people will have signed it.”

Mr McKendrick said he understood it was a difficult issue for council.

He added: “The Rannoch Drive traffic problems have been an ongoing concern for the past 40 years.

“We would like the road closed at the junction with Boclair Road, but the police are not happy with this because it is used as a relief road when Milngavie Road is closed.”

Some residents claim the traffic calming decision was taken with little or no consultation, and they have accused the council of bulldozing it through. However, there is some hope according to Mr McKendrick.

He said: “The council said they will review the decision after 12 months.”

Five of the build-outs are in Rannoch Drive, two are in Kessington Road and four in Buchanan Drive.

East Dunbartonshire Council was unable to provide a comment before the Herald went to press.