Pet owners told to act fast to save their dog’s life

Soibhan Rooney with her dog Rooney who swallowed a fridge magnet.
Soibhan Rooney with her dog Rooney who swallowed a fridge magnet.

A vet practice in Milngavie is urging dog owners to act quickly if they suspect their pet might have eaten something they shouldn’t.

Avalon Vet Practice has treated four dogs recently who swallowed dangerous items which, if left undetected, could have been fatal.

Eight-month-old labrador Hugo, belonging to Milngavie resident Siobhan Rooney, was admitted to the surgery after he pulled a sheet of paper off the fridge and ate the fridge magnet attached.

Vet George Pate gave him an injection which induced vomiting. Luckily this worked quickly so he didn’t have to undergo an emergency exploratory laparotomy to remove it.

Crossbreed Rory (11) was also brought into the surgery after he ate two squeaky toys.

His owner realised that he’d eaten them after he vomited up two rubber ears and she took him to the vet where x-rays confirmed that he had something in his stomach.

He was given an exploratory laporotomy and two squeakers were removed from his stomach.

Cat Campbell, vet nurse at Avalon, said: “Our advice is to contact your vet immediately if you think your dog has eaten something - don’t delay it.

“Also check toys regularly and remove/replace broken or damaged ones and supervise your dog when they play.

“Dog proof your house as much as possible by keeping laundry, toys, food and anything chewable out of reach.

“Common signs are vomiting, refusing food, constipation and a miserable dog, tired, sad and not wanting to go for walks.”