Torrance couple celebrate 70th wedding anniversary

A chance meeting while out for a Sunday stroll has turned into 70 years of wedded bliss for Torrance couple Jack and Bunty Semple.

Friday, 19th March 2021, 10:58 am
Updated Friday, 19th March 2021, 12:54 pm
Jack and Bunty Semple have been married for 70 years

Bunty from Balmore was out walking with a friend along Balmore Road when they bumped into Jack from Torrance and his friend.

Pairing off, the two couples would both be married, with Jack and Bunty wed at Baldernock Church on March 23, 1951, by Mr Kidson.

Initially they set up home in Balmore, but 63 years ago moved to a new council house in Torrance where they still live to this day – although do now own the property.Jack (96) was in Germany after the war helping to clear the rubble in cities devastated by the Allied bombing, and on his return travelled the world in the Merchant Navy before settling into a care er as a marine engineer with the Weir Group in Queenslie.

Bunty (92) belonged to the Morrison and Lang families who were market gardeners and owned nurseries in Balmore for many years. In the 50s she worked in up-market McDonalds department store in Buchanan Street, Glasgow, which was taken over by Hugh Fraser the year she was married and rebranded as House of Fraser.

Both Jack and Bunty were keen bowlers, with Jack now the honourary president of Torrance Bowling Club. He still has the occasional throw and before the present pandemic was still being called upon to play in matches.

They still live independently with Jack caring for Bunty who has osteoarthritis. H e still tends his garden and bakes and makes jam with his own blackcurrants.

Bunty said: “I’m grateful to still have Jack here so I’m not in a home. W e can eat what we want and under normal circumstances do what we want – all in all we’ve we’ve very lucky.” The couple have two daughters, Susan and Patricia. Susan still lives relatively close by in Gartness, while Pat emigrated to South Carolina. Susan’s twins live in Spain and Aberdeen, while Pat has a daughter in North Carolina.

Plans to celebrate the platinum wedding anniversary have been put on hold, but it is hoped something can be organised once life returns to normal.

Bunty said: “It’s a pity that Pat can’t come over to help us celebrate, but we just need to get on with it, I’m sure there will be better days ahead.”​​​​​​