LETTER: Where will club go when Milngavie Town Hall closes?

Sir, – I write in support of the sourcing and provision of a suitable hall for Milngavie Friendship Circle which is desperately looking for new accommodation in the light of Milngavie Town Hall closing for an extended period.

Surely if China can build in 10 days a hospital for 1000 people, the council could provide land and build semi-permanent accommodation to continue the companionship to a few of the many housebound and elderly living in our area thus allowing the provision of a full day of coffee, games, lunch, talks, music as provided by the Circle since the inception of Friendship House over 30 years ago.

EDC already support the Circle in the provision of a mini-bus and three helpers which have been a huge help in the provision of the activity which is entirely run by volunteers.

I envisage temporary/permanent accommodation on the model of Glasgow Golf Club which, after its fire, has constructed admirable premises complete with toilets, kitchens and heating.

The advantage of such a building would extend much further than Friendship Circle to many other organisations seeking a home for their activity. – Yours, etc.,

Name and address supplied