Passengers’ fury as bus service is axed

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a LOCAL politician has slammed plans to cut a bus service which offers the only direct route from Bardowie and Balmore to Glasgow.

SNP councillor Anne McNair believes that Henderson Travel has made a mistake to withdraw the number 68 Torrance to Glasgow service.

The service, which was operated on behalf of SPT by Henderson Travel, stopped a short while after Firstbus started running a number 27 service from Torrance to the city centre.

This started on June 16 and the number 68 daytime service to Torrance ended on July 16. However, it continued to travel to Balmore until August 12.

SPT is now considering whether it will subsidise the number 68 service.

Councillor Anne McNair said: “At a time when people should be encouraged to use public transport rather than travel by car, a bus service which is popular, useful and well used is being removed.


“The number 68 bus is great for people who work in the city, it runs Monday to Friday with one bus to Glasgow in the morning and one bus back at night.

“Passengers are angry. SPT need to think again about these changes and reinstate this really useful service.”

An SPT spokesperson said: “Following the withdrawal of the commercially operated service 68 by Henderson Travel, SPT is actively working on options to maintain the link at a reasonable cost to the public purse.

“In the face of withdrawals such as this by commercial companies, SPT always steps in to ensure that no community is left without essential transport.”

John Henderson, a partner in Henderson Travel, said: “We have been running this service for 20 years and took pride in the personal service we offered people.

“Our bus drivers have got to know local people over the years but unfortunately it was no longer commercially viable to run it.”