Parking problems put pedestrians at rick at Mugdock

DRIVERS who abandon their cars while visiting a popular country park are putting pedestrians at risk, it’s been claimed.

A report by Mugdock Country Park joint management committee has revealed that while steps have been taken alleviate the parking problem, by marking out passing bays with cones, drivers simply ignore them.

According to the report the problem has got worse this year, as more people ae visiting the park than ever before.

The report states: “During any year at Mugdock Country Park, we experience exceptionally busy days when car parks are full and drivers park on the roadside.

“This is not a problem if they park sensibly, but when they don’t the road becomes blocked with traffic struggling to navigate to and from the park at busy periods.”

The report continues: “This can cause driver frustration and can create a danger to pedestrians who have to walk to and from cars.

“We do try to alleviate the problem by coning road passing bays to at least offer passing options.

“Unforunately, many motorists do not respect these passing bays and park over the bays, in turn making the problem worse.”

The report goes on to say that while there is a grassy overflow area that can take up to 200 extra cars, it can’t be used on very rainy days, which make the ground soft and muddy.

One proposed solution to the parking issue, it has been suggested, would be to introduce double yellow lines to prevent traffic snarl-ups.

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that visitor numbers at the country park are on the rise.

Figures for the summer period between April and September show 367,500 people visited the popular facility, up from 351,000 last year.