Parking gridlock near The High School of Glasgow Junior School sparks fears for pupils’ safety

Whitehill Road traffic'Photo Emma Mitchell'10/12/12
Whitehill Road traffic'Photo Emma Mitchell'10/12/12

INCONSIDERATE drivers are putting children’s lives at risk by parking near a Bearsden primary school - say local residents.

The Herald recently reported on parking problems at Bearsden Primary School and Craigdhu Primary School in Milngavie - where some drivers have been caught parking in the drop-off zone or on the zig zag lines.

A concerned Bearsden resident, who asked not to be named, claims that some motorists abandon their cars without any consideration near The High School of Glasgow Junior School on Ledcameroch Road.

He said: “Cars park nose to tail on Whitehill Road at school collection time.

“Drivers are forced to go on the wrong side of the road.

“I watched a woman reverse her car all the way down Collylinn Road the other day. There will be a head on collision soon and a child could be killed.”

He phoned the police on Wednesday, December 5 at 3pm and waited 15 minutes for them to arrive, but they didn’t come until later.

Bearsden councillor Keith Small said: “Too many cars are parked in the area and some people are very inconsiderate.

“There are no double yellow lines so it’s not illegal, but it’s dangerous.”

Inspector Gavin Smith, from Milngavie community police, said: “We received a report of traffic congestion and due to other ongoing incidents at that time officers were not able to attend until 4.20pm, when the school would have cleared.

“We continue to work with more than 40 schools across East Dunbartonshire to reduce congestion during school run times but I’d also ask parents to help with solutions.

“A large number of cars arriving in the same place at the same time will inevitably cause delays and can be dangerous.

“Car-sharing, arranging alternative pick-up places and times or even walking in groups can ease this situation for everyone.”

Karen Waugh, head teacher at the High School of Glasgow Junior School, said: “We have taken a number of proactive measures to assist with traffic management around the school, as we are conscious of being in a residential area.

“The school has clear traffic management guidelines for our parents which were agreed with East Dunbartonshire Council following a study completed by their traffic analysts in 2004.

“After liasing with the police and council a lollipop man is situated at the corner of Whitehill Road and Ledcameroch Road and there is a flashing ‘speed sign’ for a period of time.”

DANGER . . . due to so many cars being parked on Whitehill Road - drivers are often forced on to the wrong side of the road and locals fear it’s an

accident waiting to happen.

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