Parking fines warning in Balfron

MOTORISTS have been warned they could be fined up to £30 for inconsiderate parking in Balfron.

Community police officer Andy Faulds says he has received a number of complaints about cars parked outside the town’s Co-op food store.

He said: “The usual spot of the bank corner and outside the Co-op near stop continues to grind with many. A zero-tolerance approach will now be adopted.

“People should be aware parking on a double yellow line may result in a £30 fine.

“Also I have received complaints regarding parking on the pavement in some residential streets. Balfron officers will monitor this problem and take action where appropriate.

“I would ask people to please be considerate and not to be lazy. Walk the 30 metres from the large car park which is situated at the side of the Co-op, in case anyone isn’t aware of it.”