Parking charges on the agenda

Controversial plans to introduce parking charges in council-owned areas - including town centres - are set to be presented to councillors after the summer.

Earlier this year East Dunbartonshire councillors agreed in principle to introduce parking charges for around 800 council-owned parking spaces – potentially raising more than £2million per year.

The scheme has been tied in with wider plans to bring in Decriminalised Parking Enforcement (DPE) in April 2012 – which will see the council taking over the responsibility for parking enforcement from Strathclyde Police.

Council leader Rhondda Geekie has assured concerned residents and businesses that there will be a full consultation on the charges after reports had been carried out by officers – detailing the options open to the council.

These reports are currently being worked on and are expected to be completed in the coming months.

Derek Cunningham, East Dunbartonshire Council’s director of development and infrastructure, said: “The council has a working group in place who are taking forward the necessary work to assess options, prepare a business case, and to progress the necessary technical and legal requirements associated with seeking the necessary powers to operate decriminalised parking enforcement.

“Further reports will be presented to the relevant committee in due course.”