Switchback Road B.
Switchback Road B.

BEARSDEN residents have slammed the managers of Garscube Estate for refusing to allow people to park there.

People living in Switchback Road are fed up of their ‘twenty’s plenty’ street being filled with cars and vans which belong to workers and visitors at the estate, which is owned by Glasgow University.

They say motorists are being forced to drive on the wrong side of the road because it’s become an industrial car park.


Ken Morton, from Switchback Road, said: “The security guards tell people to park on our road.

“The other day I counted 74 cars and vans parked here and only three of them belonged to residents.

“It’s causing traffic jams and it’s dangerous when cars come round the corner at the junction on the wrong side of the road.

“Our street is choc-a-bloc while the estate itself is practically empty.

“The residents are all really annoyed - friends and family can’t park near, deliveries are impossible and it’s hazardous when residents emerge from their driveways.

“Cars even block the pavements - children had to walk on the road in the fog the other day.”

Residents also claim that they leave litter behind - food wrappers and bottles.

Councillor Vaughan Moody has written to the university about this problem and is waiting for a response.

He said: “The main contractor only allows some contractors on site, the rest have to park elsewhere such as nearby residential streets.

“The university also has a policy of permits to raise money and those that refuse to pay park on the surrounding streets. This may work around the actual university but does not work here.

“The university does not seem to care about the problems of local people and doesn’t show any flexibility.

“Now they also want to expand the vet college.”

A University of Glasgow spokesperson said: “Visitors with reason to enter Garscube Estate are welcome to park if they provide prior notice to gatehouse staff and will be allocated a parking space in advance of their arrival.

“Those bringing pets for treatment at the Small Animal Hospital will be directed to the hospital’s car park for the duration of their stay. Garscube Estate staff have the option to pay for parking permits.

“Trades people involved in the ongoing construction projects on the estate have access to limited on-site parking spaces for registered vehicles.”