Parents will keeping fighting to save schools

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Campaigners have vowed to continue their fight to prevent schools from closing as some of the council’s unpopular proposals go back to informal consultation.

East Dunbartonshire Council has scrapped plans to merge Bearsden Primary with Castlehill Primary on the Castlehill site and Milngavie Primary with Clober Primary on the Clober site.

However Milngavie’s only Catholic school, St Joseph’s, could still be closed if it is merged with St Andrew’s Primary in Bearsden in a new building on the St Andrew’s site.

Baldernock Primary is still under threat of closure if a new merged school is built in nearby Torrance.

Meanwhile, the future for Westerton Primary and Colquhoun Primary is uncertain as new options are being considered as part of a new informal consultation which lasts from Wednesday, May 28, until June 28.

Residents and parents are furious that the option to build a new combined Westerton/Colquhoun Primary School on the playing fields behind the current Westerton Town Hall is still on the table despite overwhelming opposition from the community.

Other proposals include building a new joint school on either the current Westerton Primary site or the Colquhoun site – but both options are unpopular with the communities affected as they would lose their school.

Alistair Ewan, chairman of Bearsden West Community Council, said: “There is still no recognition of everyone’s preferred choice of the status quo with the existing schools being modernised.

“The fiasco of the previous consultation has resulted in local people applying a lot of thought to the future of our schools, but the council continues to prefer the same form of straightjacket questions which will not take this local knowledge and use it to best advantage.

“The new consultation is designed to get the anwers they want, not the solutions we need.”