Parents vow to save Baldernock Primary

Baldernock primary'Photo Emma Mitchell'3/7/13
Baldernock primary'Photo Emma Mitchell'3/7/13

The first pre-consultation meeting at Baldernock Primary School was packed with concerned parents and residents.

Members of Baldernock Community Council and the Community Development Trust were also there.

This was the first of three meetings organised by East Dunbartonshire Council to discuss how education in Baldernock could be provided in the future.

Under current legislation the council must consider all alternatives and engage at an early stage with the school and local community.

However, Rona Hamilton, chairperson of Baldernock Parent Council, says the meeting fell far short of this.

She said: “No agenda was given and we were asked to discuss three options - the school as it is, refurbishment, or closure. There was no open and free discussion to look at all alternatives. The community has already expressed very strong objections on educational and other grounds to closure but the council seem determined to ignore the community’s wishes.

“We feel that yet again we are being rail-roaded. The council is trying to do the bare minimum to reduce its legal risks, not think about the best education for children.

“We are determined to see education remain at Baldernock Primary School. Council officials were left in no doubt that we are up for the fight”

Education and Children’s Services director, Gordon Currie, said: “I’d like to thank everyone who attended the first of these workshops.As a starting point three options were proposed and all participants were asked to contribute their views on the evening.

“Participants were asked to consider any further options and were given a dedicated contact point if they wanted any factual information to inform their thinking.

“The council has been working to improve the educational experience of Primary School pupils while addressing issues of under-occupancy and ensuring that best value is achieved.

“These principles apply in Baldernock too and we want to work with the local community to look fairly at all reasonable options to ensure that the area’s young people have access to the very best educational facilities. At this stage there is no proposal as this will be determined after the consultation.”