Parents object to new school plans

Lenzie Moss Primary
Lenzie Moss Primary

Parents have refused to back the building of a new primary school in Lenzie until education chiefs deal with a list of demands and objections.

Councillors were set to vote on whether to proceed with plans for the school at a meeting of East Dunbartonshire Council’s planning board last night (Tuesday).

As part of the council’s controversial cash-saving Primary School Improvement Programe (PSIP), Lenzie Primary School and Lenzie Moss Primary School will be merged into a single buidling on the current Lenzie Moss item.

The plans are now in place, but members of the Interim Parent Council (IPC), set up to oversee the merger, have submitted a document containing a whole range of concerns.

It explains: “We are not opposed to a new school in principle, but cannot support this planning application owing to a number of concerns. It is not our intention, by raising these objections, to derail the overall proposal but to identify significant issues with the current proposal. The IPC believe that these issues can be resolved. If so, we would fully support the revised proposal.”

The requests include officers taking another look at road safety issues surounding busier roads, while there are also concerns that there will not be adequate parking for staff, leading to further issues for local residents and parents dropping off their children.

Meanwhile, the planned 2,400sqm 3G football pitch and 300sqm basketball court are said to be inadequate for the school.

The IPC contend that school premises regulations state that new schools should have a minimum of 6,000 sqm of playing fields, while Sports Scotland recommends that a ‘three stream’ school should have both a 3g pitch and a gress sevens pitch.

While the Lenzie school was originally planned to be a ‘two stream’ school, it now seems likely that growing rolls will push it into the ‘three stream’ category.

Visits to the new Lairdsland Primary School - on which the Lenzie building is modelled - have also resulted in a handful of concerns.

They include dealing with issues with accoustics which, conbined with an open plan design, lead to spaces being very noisy.

There are also worries that sharp corners on staircases could lead to injuries.

A spokesperson for the IPC said he was hopeful that the council would take the concerns on board, but added that they would be pursuing the matter with the Scottish Government should they not be satisfied with the outcome of Tuesday’s meeting.

Director of education Gordon Currie, said, “The views of the school community were taken into account when drawing up the proposals for the design of the new school and detailed transport assessments have been carried out. The proposal will improve access and parking at the school, make it easier for families to walk, cycle or take the bus to school, and will improve the safety of children in streets surrounding the school.

“The proposed sports pitches will provide 60x40m synthetic pitch and a hardcourt ball games pitch. The education service believes this is an appropriate level for provision, particularly given the close proximity of Lenzie Academy.”