stormy day pic
stormy day pic

PARENTS kicked up a storm of protest after claiming they were left in the dark over school closures during last Thursday’s gales.

As high winds lashed across East Dunbartonshire, the council decided to close all schools and nurseries.

However, parents say they were not informed till 8.30am - well after parents elsewhere in Scotland were told their children should stay at home.

Confusion reigned as people logged onto East Dunbartonshire’s website - only for it to CRASH under the weight of traffic.

MP Jo Swinson says she received many complaints from parents about the lack of information and has written to the council to express her “deep concern” about the way the situation was handled.

She said: “This was simply unacceptable. The media announced school closures for all other councils but no information for East Dunbartonshire until after 8am, far too late for parents and students to make alternate arrangements.

“It is essential that parents and students are informed of school closures in a timely and efficient manner. I urge the council to investigate what went wrong and learn lessons from their mistakes in order that this situation is never repeated.”

Parents accused the council of dithering over closures by holding an emergency meeting at 8.30am - just half an hour before schools were due to open.

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