Parents battle to save Westerton Primary

westerton primary protest bigger pic
westerton primary protest bigger pic

MERGING Westerton Primary and Colquhoun Park Primary in a new school would have a ‘disastrous’ effect on the community.

That was the view expressed this week by the convener of Bearsden West Community Council.

The move would see a new school built on a site in Westerton.

Parents of pupils at Westerton Primary have also rasied concerns.

They held an emergency meeting last week to discuss the proposal and the impact it would have on the community if it were to go ahead.

A merger would see a new building created where the existing hall and library are currently located.

Some residents are worried that the area may lose out - with a smaller hall and library being built, or they could be lost altogether.

Convener of Bearsden West Community Council, Murray Horne, said: “We have real concerns about the size of the school proposed - it would be enormous and possibly be built on the tennis courts and playing fields.

“Its location isn’t great either - on a main road with a railway line behind it.

“We think these plans would have a disastrous effect on the community - potentially removing the hall, which is used by a lot of people, including the Brownies and Guides.

“It could take away the tennis club, bowling club and the last nursery in the village which meets in the hall.”

Chair of Westerton Primary School parent council, Fiona Williams, said: “Losing Westerton Primary School from the community is one of the suggestions mooted in the up-coming school estate questionnaire.

“Parents and residents fear that this would have a terrible effect on the community. The school and hall are a hub of activity.

“We are urging all residents to actively seek out the questionnaire on the EDC website from January, and to vote for keeping a school in Westerton.”

Parents have written to John Simmons, director of community services at East Dunbartonshire Council.

They say he has assured them that the hall and library would be retained and that they would not be building on the tennis courts.

He has agreed to meet them on January 17, at Westerton Primary School.