Parents and children are going to protest at East Dunbartonshire Council headquarters

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A CROWD of children and parents are going to link arms in protest about the council’s plans to axe St Joseph’s Primary School in Milngavie on Wednesday, March 27 before councillors take a crucial vote on plans for schools throughout the area.

They are opposed to the proposal to merge the school in a new shared building with St Andrew’s Primary in Bearsden - which would end Catholic education in Milngavie.

East Dunbartonshire councillors will vote on this proposal on Wednesday 27 March at 6pm - despite the fact that 96 per cent of parents said the option “is not acceptable”.

In the past 72 hours 550 letters of support and 700 online petition signatories have reiterated that St Joseph’s Primary School should remain in Milngavie.

Laureen McIntyre, chair of St Joseph’s parent council, said: “The past few days have demonstrated the strength of objection to the council’s intention to proceed with the removal of St Joseph’s from Milngavie’s vibrant and diverse community.

“The message to them is very clear – St Joseph’s school children belong in the community of Milngavie, not Bearsden.“

Michael Fallon, parent of Lucy (10) and Emily (7), said: “East Dunbartonshire Council are foolhardy in their plans to relocate our children to a location outwith the parliamentary boundaries and in a separate catchment area for Milngavie’s secondary school.

“We have been misled at every step of the way by the very councillors we have elected to represent us and we are coming together today to stand up for our children and the future generations who are entitled to receive Catholic education in their local community.“

The Archdiocese of Glasgow is also concerned about the plans, he said: “I responded to the consultation to express my preference for the retention of St Joseph’s Primary in Milngavie and St Andrew’s Primary in Bearsden.

“Both are excellent schools which are well supported by the local Catholic community.

“Myself and the local Catholic community has grave concerns about this proposal which would remove the Catholic educational presence in Milngavie.”