Paint a picture of Holy Week

New Kilpatrick Church, Rev Roddy Hamilton.
New Kilpatrick Church, Rev Roddy Hamilton.

The Association of Bearsden Churches are working with 30 local artists to create a new visualisation of the last week of Jesus’ life.

The artists, which include Gordon Wilson, Jane McCance and Anne Morrison, will be using thread and oils, light and shadow, silks and clay, to create a unique work that speaks of the emotion wrapped up in the events of the season - from Palm Sunday to Good Friday - which is known as Holy Week.

The art works will be on display in New Kilpatrick Parish Church, on Manse Road, Bearsden, from Monday, March 30, until Friday, April 3.

Each day new work will be added as the story unfolds, with a culmination of 30 pieces. The community are invited to visit during the day (11am-4pm, 6.30-8.30pm) to experience the story in this new and unique way each day, finding new pieces and stories to tell.

Rev Kirstin Freeman, the Rector of All Saints Episcopal Church in Bearsden, said: “The story of Holy Week is full of imagery and emotion.

“For centuries artists have explored the myriad of themes woven throughout it.

“We keep with that tradition and offer an open invitation for everyone to visit the installations as they grow over the week and experience the drama in our own community.”

A short 10 minute service of reflection will also be held each day at midday in New Kilpatrick Parish Church, in Bearsden, with a longer ecumenical service in the church in the evening at 7.30pm led by each of the local denominations.

Monday’s service only takes place in St Andrews Roman Catholic Church, in Bearsden.

Rev Roddy Hamilton, minister of New Kilpatrick Parish Church, said: “You can’t keep good stories to yourself especially this one that has affected generations of people and the shaping of our world for two millennia.

“So, along with 30 local artists, we will tell this story of Holy Week in a very imaginative and creative way.

“It may be a story people are familiar with, or it may be one we remember only from a distance.

“Either way whoever comes along will experience the story in a new, fresh and exciting way.”