Painful clean-up starts after flood

Distraught residents in Bearsden have started to clean up their homes and assess the damage after a flood wreaked havoc in the area .

A main water pipe burst on Maryhill Road, near Coronation Way, last week causing extensive flooding nearby.

Homes were wrecked, cars written off and people lost treasured posessions in the deluge.

Houses in Cluny Avenue and Cluny Drive were badly affected and 23,000 properties were cut off from the water supply while Scottish Water fixed the leak.

Maryhill Road was closed to vehicles form almost a week.

Margaret and Tom Malcolm’s home on Cluny Drive was filled with water about one foot high. The wooden flooring on the ground level is buckled and needs to be replaced, they will also need new kitchen cupboards, sofas and bathroom fittings.

The couple, who have a daughter Claire (20) and son Tom (19) have beenprovided with alternative accommodation in the west end of Glasgow and they won’t be able to return to their home for at least another six to nine months.

Margaret was very upset when she discovered that the children’s treasured school reports, from P1 to S6 , were ruined along with an old photo of her with her dad.

Margaret said: “I’d always wanted to keep the reports and this photo of my dad had sentimental value as it shows me with him at the airport in Australia, where he lived. I was in tears about having to leave him. He’s since died so it was a very precious memory that can’t be replaced.”

Margaret’s sister and husband from Australia were visiting. They had only been there for one week of their three week stay and they’d all hoped to go to Oban but that plan had to be shelved.

Paul Langan, also Cluny Drive, praised the firm which came to help him clean-up - fire and flood specialists 3R Restoration.

Mr Langan (53), a solicitor, said: “They have been very helpful and sympathetic during a very difficult time.

“I’ve lost everything in my garage and carpets in my home but I’m hoping that some furniture will be OK as firefighters helped me to pile it up high to prevent damage.”

Lesley Coats (47), from Cluny Avenue, who has a 16 -year-old son and a disabled 14-year-old son, said: “We got off lightly. We had time to get our car and two motorbikes out of the garage to prevent them being damaged but many of my neighbours weren’t as lucky and their cars have been written off.

“It’s really terrible, we are all still coming to terms with it, loads of our old photos in the basement were wrecked.”