Owner issues warning after horse is targeted in field

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Police are warning horse owners and farmers to be extra vigilant after reports of horses being ‘marked’ to be possibly stolen.

One woman, a client at Bearsden First Vets on Drymen Road, who keeps her horse in a field in Aberfoyle, was puzzled when she discovered that a chunk of her horse’s mane had been cut out.

When she reported it to the police they told her it could mean that it hadbeen marked as a target for a possible theft.

There have also been cases when the mane has been pleated, the horse’s tail has been cut off or a hoof has been painted.

More disturbingly the lady, who asked not to be named, has heard that the thieves intend to sell the horses for their meat.

Easterton Stables owner Rosemary Brown says she has also heard of this happening - a few of her horses were marked in previous years.

East Dunbartonshire Area Commander Rob Hay said: “There have been no reported incidents of horse thefts within the East Dunbartonshire area. Any members of the public who note any unusual activity around livestock or have any information regarding livestock theft should contact Police Scotland on 101 or, alternatively Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 to report it anonymously.”