Over a thousand sign A81 petition

Milngavie Road.
Milngavie Road.

A petition that calls on the council to scrap the segregated cycle lanes on the A81 has attracted over one thousand signatures.

Bearsden woman Aileen MacIntyre started the petition against the ‘Bears Way’ project on Milngavie Road last Friday, and by Wednesday this week she already had 1,163 supporters.

The petition states: “The imposition of the Bears Way is causing disruption to traffic flow and is contrary to the wishes of the majority of people living in the area. The opinion of local people is very obvious from the weekly letters in the Milngavie and Bearsden Herald.

“The proposed new roundabout and extension to the already unpopular Bears Way should be shelved and the road be reinstated with wider shared pavements for cyclists and pedestrians.”

Cate McEwan, from Bearsden, said: “I think the cycle path and new road layout has proven to be ill thought out, the council have repeatedly refused to listen to genuine concerns from residents (drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike) I have seen more near misses than ever before on this road.

“It’s a total shambles and they should stand up and admit they’ve messed up rather than pushing ahead with even more.

“Fix the potholes and road surfaces first - that’s what the tax paying local residents really want . The council would know that if they stopped being arrogant and actually listened.”

Independent Bearsden councillor Duncan Cumming said: “This should surely demonstrate to the council the continued major legitimate concerns of many many local people.”

Thomas Glen, director of East Dunbartonshire Council’s development and regeneration team, said: “The council is aware of the petition and will continue to monitor interest in the A81.”