Our numbers are soaring, say SNP

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Disaffected voters are flocking to join the SNP after the disappointment of the referendum vote, it’s been claimed this week.

Branches across Scotland are reporting soaring figures, and Bearsden North say their membership has increased four fold in just over a month.

Bearsden South are holding their first meeting on November 1 and are also expecting a huge turnout.

Secretary of Bearsden North SNP Rona Mackay says that membership stood at 65 before the referendum and is now at 195 and rising.

‘‘We are absolutely delighted, really really excited, it is fantastic. We had our branch meeting last week and it was described as electric, there was so much enthusiasm.

‘‘People are keen to get things moving. We’re going to have to book a bigger room in the future, there were not enough seats.’’

Scotland voted 55-45 per cent in favour of keeping the union together in the national vote last month, which drew a massive turn-out across Scotland, compared to the normal apathy of elections. Despite losing the vote the Yes Campaign say the mood is high.

Mrs Mackay added: ‘‘We’re going from strength to strength. I think there was a lot of very disappointed people after the referendum who thought ‘what can we do now?’.’’

Fiona McLeod SNP MSP says the figures are replicated across Strathkelvin.

She told the Herald: ‘‘I think every branch has at least tripled its numbers.’’

And she says that other parties, including the SSP and the Greens have also had a post referendum surge.

She added: It is a fantastic flourishing of democracy.

“We didn’t get the result I wanted [at the referendum] but the people of Scotland have taken this out of politicians’ hands.’’