Olympic medal winner Lauren meets the PM Minister at Number 10

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Sochi Olympic bronze medal winner Lauren Gray spoke this week about meeting Prime Minister David Cameron at Downing Street.

The 22-year-old from Balfron was part of the women’s curling team that beat Switzerland to clinch the third spot at the Winter Olympics.

The former Balfron High school pupil flew back into Britain to rapturous applause last week and, together with fellow Olympians including the men’s team, was invited to meet the Prime Minister for a chat and tour of Number 10.

Lauren said: “It has all been quite an experience. David Cameron spent about half an hour chatting to us and was saying how much curling had captured the nation.”

The Olympian added that Mr Cameron seemed very knowledgeable about curling.

She said: “He asked us a lot of quite technical questions and seemed very interested in our sport.

“We all had tea with him and he congratulated us on our achievement.

“It was all very lively. We were in this meeting room and were then taken through to the Cabinet Room.

“It was amazing to think this is where all the decision of state are made.”

Asked about how it felt to win bronze, the Glasgow University graduate said: “It was a nerve-racking experience. I was the fifth team member, known as the alternate and it was my job to prepare the stones the night before.

“Because each stone is made of natural material there are slight variations in each one , so it was up to me to match them into pairs of the same weight and character. If captain Eve Muirhead had a difficult shot to judge the pairing of stones was crucial. ”

Lauren started playing curling when she was only eight and followed in the footsteps of her older brother, Logan - a Scottish medal-winning champion.

She said: “Logan has always been really encouraging and was there to meet me at Edinburgh Airport when we flew back from London.

Lauren’s medal is still in its box and she admits she is not sure if she wants to have it on display.

She said: “It’s hidden away safely in its box. I want to keep it safe and will decide later what to do with it.

“But until then I am just content to know I have it. It is such a great achievement and something no-one can take away from me.”