OBE for Bearsden business woman


A BEARSDEN women has been honoured with an OBE for her services to the business community.

Tatjana Hine (59) from Station Road has spent may years promoting Scots business interests, especially those of women, on the national and international stage.

As managing director of her own graphic and web design company since 1994 - TBDA (Scotland) Ltd, based in Stirling - she has valuable hands on experience and is ideally placed to offer advice on the modern challenges facing businesses in the 21st Century.

She said: “I was informed six week’s ago that my name would go forward. It is an honour to be recognised in this way for the work I have done.

“ I have also been on the panel of the Scotsman for their National Business Awards in Edinburgh which I really enjoyed.”

Tatjana said she is particularly interested in promoting business, especially among women who she said have a different approach to commerce than men.

She is a past chairperson of the prestigious British Association of Entrepreneurs and president of the Central Scotland Chamber of Commerce.

In 2006 she was elected Vice President of the World Association of Women Entrepreneurs and has travelled all over the World speaker at conferences in Australia, Turkey, Malta, Korea and the USA.

She is also keen to promote business to young people and has taken part in various conference across the UK as well as schools, colleges and the University of Oxford.

Born in London in 1942, her great grandfather fled to England from St Petersburg in 1920 with her grandfather. Three years prior to this, when the Bolsheviks swept to power defeating the Mensheviks, they had to leave their family palace Kachanovka 180km west of the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

Although Tatjana spent the early years of her life in Buckinghamshire, she spoke Russian at home. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union she made an emotional returned to Kachanovka - setting up a foundation to raise £1m and restore the palace to it’s former glory. Although work on the palace is still ongoing, Tatjana was instrumental in raising the profile of the family home to the extent that the cash strapped Ukrainian government has designated it as a nationally important building which stopped it falling into the hands of the Russian Mafia.

To honour all her work in November 2009 the Ukrainian Government minted a coin with Tatjana’s grandfather and great grandfather on one side and the palace on the other.