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Three of the batonbearers who helped launch the Queen’s Baton Relay at Buckingham Palace have urged people to name their own community champions to take part in this unique event.

Commonwealth Games Scotland and Glasgow 2014 need up to 4,000 inspirational people – those who make a difference to their communities - to carry the baton on its 40-day journey through Scotland next year.

Until November 22 anyone can nominate their own local champions to be batonbearers. To be a batonbearer, people are required to: be 12 years old or older at the date of nomination, have made a positive contribution to the lives of others through community sport, undertaken voluntary work or contributed to schools or youth organisations, contributed towards greater inclusion for disadvantaged or marginalised sectors of the community, been a role model or mentor to youth through sport, displayed a level of individual achievement against the odds and made a significant contribution to their local community

Izzy Conway, Aamir Mehmood and Julie McElroy had the honour of being among the first batonbearers to take part in the Queen’s Baton Relay.

Izzy, said: “It was such an emotional feeling and the whole day was a highlight. My son Richard was in the front row cheering me on and when I reached the end of my 200 metre stint I didn’t want to let go of the baton. I was chosen as a thank you for all the volunteering I’ve done over the years for a variety of charities.”

Julie, who has tried out several of the Commonwealth sports, said: “I would urge the public to nominate those who have inspired them through life. I was chosen to be a batonbearer as a thank you for the work I’ve been doing promoting awareness of Para-Sport. It was such a privilege to be carrying the baton alongside Sir Chris Hoy and Alan Wells, it felt like a dream being there.”

Aamir, a student who designed the official tartan for Glasgow 2014, said:“Being one of the first people in Britain to carry the baton is one of the memories I will hold onto forever. You realise what a privilege it is be nominated to carry the baton. And it is great that lots of different people – not just athletes – get to be part of the relay.”

Up to 4,000 people will be carrying the baton through the length and breadth of Scotland, and Games organisers are asking everyone to nominate someone who has made a difference to the community.

It could be a sports coach, a young athlete, a volunteer worker, an inspirational teacher, someone who has achieved remarkable things against the odds. Nominating batonbearers is your way of thanking those inspirational people in your area, so go online and submit your nominations by 22 November.”

The Queen’s Baton relay is on a 190,000km, 248-day international journey through all nations and territories of the Commonwealth before it arrives in Scotland on June 14, 2014. It then travels for 40 days to every local authority area in Scotland.

Nominations can be made via the Glasgow 2014 CommonwealthGames website