No idle threat - polluting motorists warned

air quality - photo Bearsden
air quality - photo Bearsden

MOTORISTS are being encouraged to ‘kill the fumes’ and stop engine idling in an intensive public information blitz across East Dunbartonshire.

The campaign aims to highlight the detrimental effect that poor air quality has on the health of our children and that motorists can be fined for failing to switch off their engines when stopped at the roadside.

Bus stop and bill board messages have been put up to get the message across and council environmental health officers are conducting patrols - particularly outside schools where parents often wait for their children in cars with their engines running.

Earlier this year, ‘No Vehicle Idling’ signs were erected outside local primary schools and during this campaign more signs will be put up outside secondary schools.

Regular vehicle emission testing is also carried out to help improve air quality and is funded by the Scottish Government.

Testing sites are moved around the area and vehicles which fail the test are subject to a £60 fine, which will be waived if the fault is rectified within 14 days and a new MOT certificate produced.

Depute council leader Ashay Ghai said: “Over recent years air quality has improved in some areas across East Dunbartonshire but there are still pockets of poorer air quality, mainly attributed to traffic pollution.

“The council has a statutory obligation to regularly review and assess air quality and ensure it tries to meet the Scottish air quality objectives.

“I am optimistic that this campaign will raise awareness and encourage motorists to switch off when stopped at the roadside, significantly improving air quality in East Dunbartonshire.”