‘No abduction attempt’ at Bearsden Primary

THE police have quashed rumours that someone tried to lure kids into his car at Bearsden Primary School last Friday.

We received calls from concerned parents and a message was posted on our facebook page from a father who has a daughter at Bearsden Primary School.

He said: “Is there any news of an attempted abduction at Bearsden Primary? It’s been circulating around facebook and I’m worried.”

However, it appears the alarm was sparked when a man asked some children for directions.

A spokesperson for Strathclyde Police said: “We are aware of rumours going around on social networking sites that there was an attempted abduction at Bearsden Primary School recently.

“This is not the case and we’d like to reassure parents that nothing untoward happened.

“A male driver stopped outside the school last Friday morning at 9am and asked a few children for directions.

“A teacher spoke to the driver when they saw him talking to the pupils to see what he wanted.

“At no time was there any attempt to abduct children.”