News from the schools

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Kelvinside Academy

THE school is delighted that a number of pupils have successfully auditioned for the National Youth Choir of Scotland (NYCoS).

Hannah McGregor (SP) and Sharon Wang (SP) have been accepted for the NYCoS Girls Choir, while Stan Murray (J6) and Alexander Milne (SP), from Milngavie, have been accepted for the Boys Choir.

This honour will give them the opportunity to sing to the highest standards.

Both choirs meet annually at Easter for a residential course at which time is split between high quality vocal coaching, musicianship training and full choir rehearsals led by highly qualified staff who are experts in their fields.

Meanwhile, senior prep recently competed in the inter-house healthy eating competition.

Each house had to devise a campaign and then present it in an informative and interesting way.

As part of the campaign, SP had to design a logo, badge or tag, leaflet, A3 poster, a banner and a certificate.

Mr Karling, Rector, was invited to judge the materials produced and the presentations given.

Victory went to Stewart House after a very informative and entertaining presentation as well as a well thought out campaign.

Congratulations to Scott Cummings (S4) who has been selected as one of only 12 cadets from throughout the UK to attend the Canada Cadet Exchange ‘Whitehorse’ Course this summer.

This is a fantastic achievement for Scott, who had to endure a very rigorous selection process at local and national level before being forwarded as a Scottish nomination to the final selection panel at Army Headquarters in Hampshire.

Charlie Figes (S5) from Milngavie also did superbly, making it to the final stage of the selection process for the Rocky Mountain exchange course, at the moment he is 3rd reserve for that course.

The 3rd nomination, Jack Calder (S3) did well to come through the Scottish selection panel.

Although he was not awarded a place on his ‘Argonaut’ course, he should be proud that he was one of only ten cadets nominated by HQ Scotland.

School Diary: Monday – Junior Orchestra is at 12.15pm, SP Sports Club at 12.45pm, WOSIS P6 Cluster meeting at 1.30pm and Intermediate Choir meets at 3.45pm.

Tuesday – Senior Choir is at 3.45pm.

Wednesday – J5 leave for Ardeonaig at 10am, Curling is at 1.45pm and S4 At Home.

Thursday – string orchestra, jazz band and senior ensemble is at 1pm, infant choir is at 3.15pm and Junior Choir is at 3.30pm.

THE High School of Glasgow class diary:

Monday - this is the Bannerman House fundraising week and 5th year post-prelim careers interviews begin, it’s the S1, S2 ski trip to Utah (USA) and parents’ information meeting is at 7pm.

Tuesday - swimming: senior gala v Dollar Academy at Dollar (depart 1.30pm).

Wednesday - WOSIS modern languages panel meeting 4pm.

Thursday - it’s the S3 modern studies trip to the Scottish Parliament and SSSA ski races reserve date.

Rugby: 1st year and 2nd year v Rainey Endowed School, Ulster 7pm. It is also fifth year parents’ evening.

Friday - Glasgow Secondary Schools’ Cross - Country Championships at Nether Pollok.

Hockey: Transitus A (A) Glasgow Academy P7 tournament.

THE High School of Glasgow Junior School class diary:

School returns on Monday after the half-term holiday.

Tuesday - Generation Science will visit Junior 3 classes in the morning.

Wednesday - Mairead McKechnie from the Scottish Parliament will visit the Junior 6 classes in the morning.

After school, the Junior School Ski Gala will take place at Bearsden Ski Club from 4 to 5pm.

Thursday - the morning assembly will be delivered by Mrs Adrienne Cartwright.

In the afternoon Bruce Jamieson will give a talk on ‘Celts’ to Junior 2.

The Junior 6W class will visit TCone at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Friday - Laura Beattie from ‘The Haven’ will present a ‘drug talk’ to Junior 6 pupils and their parents in the morning.

In the afternoon Junior 6M will visit TCone at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Saturday - Junior 6 ‘A&B’ Rugby team play St Columba’s School at home in the morning.

There is a Chinese Mandarin Reading Competition at Stow College, Glasgow, at 11am.

For full information on all High School of Glasgow Junior School activities please go online and log on to