New way to make emergency call

Kim Kilgour with other local residents who want to install a defibrillator outside Westerton Hall.
Kim Kilgour with other local residents who want to install a defibrillator outside Westerton Hall.

Kind-hearted residents are trying to save Westerton phone box from being taken away so they can install a defibrillator in it.

BT began a consultation to remove the phone box outside Westerton Hall in August this year because it wasn’t being used enough any more.

Bearsden West Community Council are currently in negotiations with both East Dunbartonshire Council and BT to acquire the phone box and place a community defibrilator in it.

They set a fundraising target of £1,500 and they are already very near their target having raised .. so far.

As well as raising money at the Westerton Christmas lights switch on by holding a raffle, they also received an anonymous donation from one of the congregation after a first aid awareness event which was held one evening at Westerton Parish Church.

Niall McCumesty, a volunteer with St Andrew’s First Aid, spoke to everyone about the countless times that he’s seen the difference a defibrillator can make in improving the chances of survival when a sudden cardiac arrest happens.

St Andrew’s First Aid has also very generously offered them a discount when they buy the defibrillator.

Kim Kilgour, spokesperson for the project, said: “The project has ignited a lot of interest and support from across the local community.

“Sudden cardiac arrest happen around 140,000 times a year in the UK, making it one of the UK’s largest killers – equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every day!

“The potential for saving a life is dependent upon time, the faster medical help can be attained, the better the chance of survival.

“With the average ambulance response time in Glasgow 7.1 minutes our community defibrillator could make a massive difference.

“The defibrilator will be situated in the heart of the community and will give hundreds of people a fighting chance in an emergency.

“It is a short distance between the telephone box and the Hall, library, tennis-club, bowling-club, train station, nursery and school.

“We are almost at out fundraising target, and we would love to hear from anyone who is interested in helping us achieve it.”

If you can help, or you would like more information on their plans, please email