New wave of strikes hit county

Volunteers clean up Woodhead Park after council strike
Volunteers clean up Woodhead Park after council strike

Industrial relations between East Dunbartonshire Council and the unions show no signs of improving.

Three unions have advised the local authority that the county’s refuse collections will be affected this month.

There will be strike action by the GMB for waste operatives based at Hilton Depot and Mavis Valley Recycling Centre, by Unison for waste operatives, and by Unite for all members based in Hilton Depot on Thursday, July 12, Friday, July 13, Saturday, July 14 and Sunday, July 15.

Joint Council Leader Vaughan Moody said: “It is deeply disappointing to be notified of this further strike action next month ahead of union/management discussions continuing in the next two weeks.”

Joint Council Leader Andrew Polson added: “This notification of further strike action raises concerns over the unions’ commitment to resolving this dispute through constructive discussion.”

Action short of strike action also continues across service areas for GMB, Unison and Unite, including working to rule and no overtime.

Assessments on service impacts are ongoing for both proposed strike action and action short of strike action and the council will continue to advise residents of any resulting disruption to services.

Discussions with trades unions will continue with meetings set up over the coming weeks.

Last month four days of industrial action caused widespread disruption to local authority services.

UNISON regional organiser Simon Macfarlane said that the council’s failure to move on the alteration of employees’ terms and conditions could see further action in future.

He said: “It’s been a remarkable four days and our members’ action – and that of Unite and the GMB – has been vibrant and successful. It’s had a big impact on the council’s services and members are very upbeat about how the protest has gone. We hope this will shock the council into action and that common sense will prevail and allow us to get around the table.”