New street signs agreed for Bearsden and Milngavie

COUNCILLORS have agreed to splash cash on eco-friendly Christmas lights, new street signs and a pit disaster memorial.

Around £95,000 from East Dunbartonshire’s Civic Pride Budget will be spent on improvements.

These include replacing 74 street signs in Bearsden and 13 in Milngavie.

In total, £70k will be spent to upgrade the council’s stock of Christmas lights with modern, low energy alternatives in time for next year’s festive season, £20k will be used to upgrade or replace signs in towns and villages and £5k will buy a memorial stone to mark the centenary in 2013 of the Cadder Pit disaster.

Committee convener, Councillor Alan Moir, said: “It makes sense for us to replace our ageing stock of Christmas lights with newer, light-weight designs which will look better, be less cumbersome and be more energy efficient too.

“People expect their towns and villages to look attractive at Christmas time, so next year they will see new decorations around the area.

“This is also an opportunity for us to improve the look of signs which are looking a bit worse for wear, replace those that are unsightly and remove any that are unnecessary.

“It may seem a small thing but I believe doing jobs like this improves the overall look and feel of our streets and town centres – that’s important.”

Last but not least the council will pay for the construction of an enduring memorial to be erected next year on the centenary of the Cadder Pit disaster which resulted in the tragic loss of 22 miners’ lives.

Councillor Moir said: “This dreadful event is an important part of our local history and the council is working with partners to ensure that next year, on its centenary, we mark it appropriately.

“It is right then that we should provide a fitting, lasting memorial.”