New speed limit being set as part of controversial shared space scheme

08-02-2016 -  Cowgaqte Rd. Closure
08-02-2016 - Cowgaqte Rd. Closure

A new speed limit is being set as part of a controversial shared space scheme for a town centre.

According to East Dunbartonshire Council, the new 20mph speed limit will “tie in with ambitious work currently underway” in Kirkintilloch town centre.

A council spokesperson said: “Pioneering plans to make Kirkintilloch town centre more attractive and accessible for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport are forging ahead.”

The new speed limit, which was authorised at a recent meeting of the council’s Development and Regeneration Committee, will apply on West High Street, High Street, Cowgate, Catherine Street, David Donnelly Place and Broadcroft. It will also affect parts of Union Street, Kerr Street and Alexandra Street.

According to the council spokesman, the new speed limit is due to be introduced when work is completed on the town centre.

East Dunbartonshire Council Leader Rhondda Geekie said, “The 20mph limit is a key element of ongoing work to reshape, redesign and refresh the town centre.

“The Masterplan is an innovative set of works which will rebalance the town centre in favour of pedestrians and cyclists, while maintaining accessibility for public transport, delivery traffic and private vehicles.

“I would once again urge everyone to support local businesses. Pedestrian access and public transport links are being maintained. We have met with traders and will continue working with them to provide support while improvements and investment continue.

“Encouraging more people to walk around and spend time in the town centre is crucial to its longevity, vitality and future prosperity.”

Thousands of people have protested against the shared space scheme, fearing for the safety of pedestrians, particularly disabled people, the elderly and children.