New solution to tackle break-ins

Officers on the beat
Officers on the beat

Police Scotland are extending the use of an invisible Smart Water solution as a means to deter housebreakings in Killearn and Blanefield.

After a successful trial period carried out in Edinburgh, which produced a 53 per cent reduction in thefts, the prevention tool has been rolled out to other communities across the country.

The villages of Killearn and Blanefield were selected along with areas in Glasgow, East Lothian, and South Lanarkshire.

Smart Water is an invisible solution which is brushed on to a homeowner’s belongings and can only be detected under a UV light.

It contains a bespoke coding, unique to each address, and which is almost impossible to remove.

As a result, it provides an irrefutable forensic link back to the owner of the stolen goods and also links the criminal with the crime scene.

In addition, high-visibility signs are put in place throughout participating streets to further deter inruders from targeting the properties.

Superintendent Matt Richards, who is leading on the operation, said: “We will not tolerate housebreaking or theft of property and remain willing to utilise any and all tactics at our disposal to bring anyone involved to justice.

“Thieves and those selling on stolen goods will not know what property is marked, and in some instances products will be deployed that are directly transferable to offenders.

“However, the use of this product is only one way in which we are working to address housebreaking throughout the country.

“High-visibility patrols in ‘hotspot’ areas continue to be carried out on a regular basis and a range of crime prevention advice is readily available by speaking to your local policing team or by visiting the Police Scotland website.”